As the coronavirus continues, we have to change how we think about interacting with our patients and their safety. We usually take for granted that the customer can come into the clinic or hospital for their diagnosis or treatment. However, with the pandemic running its course, face-to-face interaction can put everyone at risk.

Here are the benefits of telehealth and using Hippa-compliant telehealth software as doctors.

Decreased Physician Burnout

Doctor burnout is real, especially with hospitals swamped due to the pandemic all over the world. There are simply not enough doctors – period. When you use Hippa-compliant telehealth software, you are able to load balance providers in a more efficient way. More doctors are able to cross over geographic issues and help out in overwhelmed areas. Even doctors in other countries can lend a hand to help out in inundated locations.

Increasing Safety and Protection

Telemedicine offers doctors the chance to give out basic care without any physical contact. This can maximize the potential of the workforce. The high level of risk to the frontline physicians and healthcare providers means that much of the workforce may need to be quarantined, or even die. It is important to consider their safety too, especially given lack of protective gear in many regions of the world. If doctors don’t have adequate PPE masks and equipment, telehealth can ensure their protection too.

Telehealth is a great way for doctors to expand their assistance in this time of need. During the COVID crisis, doctors should use every possible tool to increase their efficiency and security. Hippa-compliant telehealth software like Pow Wow can help make this possible during social distancing times.

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